You are ace detective, Tom Katz, tasked with locating the city's missing mayor. As you travel through this twisted town, you realized that a larger conspiracy may be at work here. Collect gossip on the mayor and his shady dealings in order to uncover the truth.


A homework assignment i lovingly scrambled to put together in three weeks<3

***If you would like to leave feedback but don't have an account, I've made a google form! I definitely want to revisit this project at some point so it would be greatly appreciated!****

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GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction, Role Playing
Made withTwine
Tags2D, Mystery, Singleplayer, Twine

Development log


Blown away with the style, sound, depth, etc. Really awesome to see how you built this up from scratch. Great music choice and character design! My only critique is that I wish the textbox was a teensy bit bigger to make reading the intricate narrative a bit easier, even with the scrollbar. Overall though I keep going back to this game and really enjoy it!

i love the style of the whole game! all the visual elements feel fitting of the story, and work well together. it makes the game feel more polished. i think the text-box scrollbar is the only thing that doesn't fit the (visual) theme that well, but it's pretty minor so it's not distracting.

the only issue i had was (also) stuck in the mayor's office (before reading here). i also noticed the text/dialogue with the duck-bartender '...' goes a bit fast? it may be formatting (i think? the typewriter-style timing is based on character-spaces and not dimensional space?)

visually the game is really strong, but i think the dialogue (& internal monologue) was my favorite part of the game. it's very cleverly written & the tone is well-balanced. it fits the theme of the game perfectly :)

(i also just realized that the whole game-page is customized as well -- neat!)


When you get to desk and the painting the passcode is made from the only numbers on the page. When you type it into the text box correctly the prompt to continue will pop up underneath it and you can click the yellow link to continue. From the feedback I’ve gotten I’ll be adding an update soon that makes the passcode information a bit clearer, sorry about that! 

I haven't finished this yet but I absolutely love the art style!

I can't express enough how much I absolutely love the sketchy artstyle


what is the passcode to the mayor's safe in paw and order


Love the atmosphere of the game! Entertaining and intense at the same time. Had to face palm myself when i was running in circles trying to figure out the code when it was right in front of my face the entire time. 

Only complaint I have about this game is more personal to how I'd enjoy reading text, but having it sprawl over the fun gifs would still be readable and I dont think it would completely block out the pictures. 

Very fun mystery and cliff hanger.


The game was genuinely good. I play a fair amount of visual novels and feel like this is something I would find on itch io somewhere. 

The dialogue has a lot of charm to it with the design of the characters giving so much detail to the story. 

I didnt have any problem playing it and worked fine but would recommend moving the dialogue box towards the bottom so it doesn't cover the background image, and having some sfx in the background to add to the overall detail besides the music bgm. 


OMG!!! What an incredible game you've made in such a short amount of time!!! First of all-- huge kudos to the way you set the mood and aesthetic of your game so so quickly. Everything from the music to the charming illustrations to the general writing was very well though out in my opinion. I'm in awe of all the fun "puzzle" components of the game, from using the inventory to having to figure out the code. It seems like you made a really good use of everything Twine has to offer! Not only that, but I could tell you had a strong drive with the story of your game and its quirky characters that play on common film tropes. Really fun!
My one suggestion is that I felt like the text rectangle and scrolling function was a little less user-friendly than it could be. The rectangle was a little too slim maybe, or I'm also not used to visual novel games having a scroll function for the text. My recommendation is to play with the layout a bit more to see if there's something that feels more right.

Overall, fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!! 


WOW :D I loved this game. I could go on a rant about how good it is! The art, the music, theming, all of it is so nice. The story is immersive and keeps you on your toes, where you truly feel like a detective :D